Janwaar is a story of growth, a story of community living, a story of hope. Janwaar is the first village in India to have a skatepark of its own.

In the heart of India, amidst the forests lies a small village called Janwaar. Situated in the Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh, for long this village represented what most of rural India was: divisive casteism, lack of education, sanitation, electricity and the basic tenets of life.

German activist, digital nomad and change maker Ulrike Reinhard changed the social landscape of the village when she decided to establish a sustainable community by emphasizing on growth of the children of the village through education and sports. She came up with an ingenious idea of establishing a skate park in the heart of the village. The journey was not a smooth one. With her indomitable spirit and resilience, she went to talk to the villagers, and with their help and with the help of young social entrepreneurs established a skate park.

This journey is however of the kids, their parents and how they have learnt to integrate change in their lives with the hope of an improved future. The kids have gone to participate in world championships and have been part of several art and education programs in India, Germany and other parts of Europe too.

Through a series of portraits, and in action shots, with the essence of my belonging in Janwaar, my aim was to read the lives of these wonderful people. What unity can do is something Janwaar represents. Maybe the path is still a long one laid down with thorns. This journey is not to exalt those thorns and suffering but to portray the resilience and hope in the faces of the community.

A dedicated platform on Instagram also talks about the individual stories. 

Janwaar-The Journey.