Rochester : 2016- 2018

This is a journey of trying to belong in a new world, a new space, confined yet vast.

It is a vast stretch of land, dotted with man made spaces that resemble boxes. Snow, loneliness, summer, glow and everything that leaves a feeling of longing for a home thousand miles away. The uncertainty of the unknown makes me want to explore what lies around.  So I observe what constitutes my surroundings to give it another definition of a home. I know not what a Home really is as I have been in transit for a long time. Almost like stuck in a limbo. A chord between reality and dream.

This is another definition of "Home", another dream in the journey of life, alone miles in solitude.

These are photographs of man-made presence but with the absence of being. The repetitions of moments talk about the monotony of my life in here just like a lab rat for a science experiment who lives life in a framed cage and yet is free on his own terms till death.

These too are fragments of living a death.


I continue to work on what surrounds me, my loneliness, vulnerabilities and fragility of existence. Inspired by the music of Gregory Alan Isakov.


If I go, I'm going shameless,

I'll let my hunger take me there...