Calcutta was my death: Death of a friend , loss of a lover, loss of a home. A city that itself reduces to oblivion .

Many a night have I spent wandering aimlessly like a street dog, near the burning ghats of the city, a place where the dead are burned, with other people, who did not know what a home is, knowing not if there is ever a light at the end of the tunnel.

The camera takes me closer to reality around me, a society filled with hypocrisy and chaos. The camera was my way to survive, a way to rebel, a way to struggle, a way to find the calm. Did I get closer to the calm? I do not have the answers, maybe I never will. I can only try..

4 years of a home without a home, trying to re-conciliate , trying to live, trying to be, not looking for answers but to be closer to finding my place, my position in a city that witnessed many a death.

These are fragments of an existence that was, fragments of my being.