Fragments of the Dying Man is a personal experiential journey of  fragility, loss and desire. A diary of someone precariously juggling life and death, desiring to live and also having the fear of reaching the end. A death of a lover and sickness becomes the raison d'être of this work.

The act of photography is the pretext to get closer. To reconcile. To continue living in the act of having a dual life: one in a vulnerable position of solitude and the other, in the personal spaces of strangers . Some stay. Some fade away.

It oscillates between Positions and Situations. Light and Dark. Day and Night. What’s in control and what’s not. The lines are blurred.

The images are soiled, weary, damaged and fragile just like my own life.

Positions indicates my loneliness in a cold upstate New York home, vast yet confined with so little happening, looking outside for love and sometimes inside, often photographed by strangers. Who is looking at whom? All merge into one another.

Situations are my encounters with strangers with whom I share spaces in all the while of moving around without a fixed home in New York City. Confined, intimate and visceral. Much like me, everyone I desire through an image lives a life of ambiguity, a dual existence.

Textual passages, archival conversations with a lover who is dead and other anecdotes become the structural chord to what is amorphous, ever escaping, loosely held together in this diary of excess.

Through this I try to live up to my own questioning of desire and the inarticulate form that is called love.

I seek the other and in this constant pursuit of desire, pleasure, fear, doomed to fail , I find my own reconciliation. A way to understand my position.

A position to not only explain my life, not only to implicate the self in situations of anonymity, not to question modes of reproducing images, but also to question ideas of how we look at bodies, identity, gender, how we think about desire. I continue the endless search of what it means to be here. A character in the game we know as life.

“The Eye of the other into my diaristic experiences” ..

2014-2019. Book in progress